4G Recycling and AE Global form social enterprise, Ocean Recovery Group


MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–4G Recycling, a multi-generational family-owned recycling and waste management company, and AE Global, a multinational end-to-end packaging solutions company, today announced the formation of a joint venture of Ocean Recovery Group (ORG), a social group – business enterprise that draws on over 100 years of experience in the recycling industry to better collect, clean up and recycle ocean-related plastics. Based north of Miami, Florida, with initial processing operations located in the Dominican Republic, Ocean Recovery Group is focused on reducing the amount of ocean-bound plastic that ends up in the Caribbean and on the coasts of the western hemisphere.

“The threat we face from ocean-related plastic pollution is real and monumental. However, I am optimistic that Ocean Recovery Group will provide a critical solution to this crisis,” said Ocean Recovery Group President Zachary Kirstein. “Ocean Recovery Group’s deep knowledge of the recycling and packaging industries, combined with our practical, sustainable and scalable solution, will dramatically reduce the amount of plastics ending up in our oceans, as well as the need for virgin plastics to the production of products.”

Ocean Recovery Group will be the first integrated plastic recycler at sea in the Dominican Republic as well as the first in the Caribbean. Currently, less than 8% of plastics in the Dominican Republic are recycled. 92% of these plastics could end up in the ocean, affecting waters off the United States and around the world.

Ocean Recovery Group has teamed up with a major local processing partner, Next Generation Recycling Latin America, to build its first plant in La Vega, Dominican Republic. The La Vega plant is expected to be fully operational by March 2022. Ocean Recovery Group’s social enterprise business follows a circular economy model allowing Ocean Recovery Group to collect, clean and sell recovered plastics to reprocessors to make plastic pellets. These pellets will then be sold as recycled plastic to manufacturers, greatly reducing the need for virgin plastics and allowing these manufacturers to create more environmentally friendly diversified products.

“Ocean Recovery Group has the equipment, experienced management and capability to collect, clean, sort, bale and ship plastics destined for the ocean,” Kirstein said. “Because of this, I know Ocean Recovery Group has the ability to tackle the problem of ocean-related plastic and improve the environmental health of our communities.”

About Ocean Recovery Group

Ocean Recovery Group is working to solve the world’s ocean plastic crisis in the Western Hemisphere. Ocean Recovery Group is a social enterprise that leverages over 100 years of experience in the recycling industry to better collect, clean up and recycle ocean-related plastics. Our in-depth knowledge of the recycling and packaging industries, coupled with our commitment to the greater good, enables Ocean Recovery Group to effectively and efficiently divert significant and scalable amounts of ocean-related plastics to help CPG retailers achieve their plastic neutrality goals.


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