Grocery Outlet, Kern River Conservancy Wins Awards for Business and Organization of the Year


Grocery Outlet Owners Receive Award from KRV Chamber of Commerce President Fred Clark | Julie Giyer

This year’s Business of the Year award went to Janet and Stayce Roberts, owners of Lake Isabella’s Grocery Outlet.

Grocery Outlet has been a huge contributor to many event organizations for fundraising as well as community donations when needed.

“They’ve been supporting the community from the moment they arrived in the Valley. They don’t want to be known for everything they do, they just want to do it. To me, that’s what makes them special. Not only as corporate owners but as individuals,” said Fred Clark, president of the KRV Chamber.

“We just came here to help the community,” Stayce Roberts said in response to Clark’s comment.

This year’s Organization of the Year was awarded to Gary Ananian, founder and owner of Kern River Conservancy. Kern River Conservancy has been very beneficial to the KRV for many years helping to clean up the river, campgrounds, organizing major clean up events and implementing responsible water use education. public lands.

“We look forward to continuing what we are doing and expanding to larger areas soon. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered, supported or donated to our organization. Without you, we cannot do what we are doing,” Ananian said.

The Roberts and Ananian both received three awards. First from the KRV Chamber of Commerce, presented by Fred Clark, President of the KRV Chamber; second from the office of Phillips Peters and finally, a recognition award from the representative of the office of Devon Mathis, Rachel Ray.


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