Local entrepreneur wants to increase business enterprise, cope with difficulties


Entrepreneurship is growing, especially as people’s lives have been transformed and new life paths are offered to solve old difficulties.

The name of the video game is Whole Gut Health as it relates to Shayla Ashley Graham, whose business has roots all the way back to her elementary school lunches.

“I often liked the food. I’m kind of a foodie myself,” Graham said of a classmate who gnawed on clean peppers at a young age. “She really enjoyed her vegetables. So from that level, I just started to develop this instinct to want to consume additional foods and to consider new, different cultural dishes.

A long and winding road took Graham on and off a road to becoming a lawyer. It also discovered her on the West Coast, where wellness and lifestyle coaching became a serious possibility.

“So we listen a lot to this term ‘holistic’. And when you think of the gut, it affects so many areas of the human body,” she said.

It was then that Graham became a mother. She and her lover returned east to mature loved ones and their individual careers.

“I decided, ‘you know what, I’m going to go back to Syracuse and I’m going to start these entrepreneurial ventures now,'” she said.

She is now part of Black Media Mogul Maker software as one of its founders and individuals.

“It was just wonderful to create teamwork, like the staff and the collaboration and the camaraderie with other business owners here in Syracuse,” Graham explained.

Now it’s all about action for her.

“I wanted to be able to provide my professional services to these people and to our team, who also desperately want it,” Graham said. “So I have a certain expertise in what I do, and I want to be able to offer that same caliber of professionalism and solution in submitting workshops.”

Although a small, for-profit business, Graham seeks to partner with others to make things like refreshing foods and mentorship available to more than those who have always been. equipped to find the necessary money, focusing on issues such as tackling the story. desert food products.

It’s hard to grow a newer small business while developing additional awareness and joy about psychological and gut well-being, she says.

“The hardest part of it all…


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