Shropshire: business plan approved by builder of council owned homes


A HOUSEBUILDER owned by Shropshire Council has been given the green light to build over 700 homes across the county by 2031.

Members of the unitary authority’s Housing Supervisory Board have signed a business plan which will see Cornovii Developments Limited (CDL) build 728 homes.

This includes those already under construction at The Wharf in Ellesmere, Ifton Green in St Martins and The Frith in Shrewsbury.

Details of other venues have yet to be confirmed.


Harpreet Rayet, Managing Director of CDL, said: “It was an absolute pleasure for our Board of Directors to host the visit and to present to the Housing Supervisory Board our current developments and pipeline sites.

“The Housing Supervisory Board has also approved our 2022 business plan, which puts CDL on a solid footing to achieve our goal of building 728 housing units for the local population by 2031.”

Dean Carroll, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Physical Infrastructure, added: “As well as helping to meet housing needs in Shropshire, CDL fulfills other Shropshire Council objectives such as sustainability, low-cost home ownership and housing for key workers. It is also committed to regenerating industrial wastelands.

“The Housing Supervisory Board took on six sites where CDL will offer sustainable homes in a range of styles to appeal to a broad market, and this was a great opportunity for the company to showcase its values ​​and its homes. ”


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