When the business plan gives you lemons…


Lemonade Day, a nationwide movement introducing young entrepreneurs to the achievement of business ownership, will take over communities across the United States — and southeast Texas — on May Day. The local Lemonade Day effort, led by the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce with the collaboration of a host of sponsors and participants, is currently accepting registration for the program at

According to the organizers of the event, Lemonade Day teaches young people how to start their own business by bringing together local government, business enterprises, community members, schools and youth organizations around a common goal.

“Our program ignites the entrepreneurial spirit in young people, giving them the life skills, business skills and mentorship needed to succeed,” details the call to join. Moreover, the literature explains: “It’s really fun!”

With Port of Beaumont as presenting sponsor, Lemonade Day officially kicked off in Southeast Texas on March 8, with a celebration and giveaway at the Beaumont Children’s Museum. Along with swag, treats and business model encouragement aplenty at the celebration, young entrepreneurs were also able to sign up for future events to help them grow their product ahead of the ‘big day’, such as a sales pitch and tasting contests. scheduled for April.

The local effort is in line with National Lemonade Day, started by Michael Holthouse of Houston in 2007. Today, he and LemonadeDay.org are partnered with Google to continue bringing entrepreneurship to youth American, and the movement is even listed on the National Day calendar.

Likewise, in the spirit of the national movement, the days leading up to Lemonade Day locally are full of preparation by budding small entrepreneurs. They attend workshops, dedicate a portion of their profits to philanthropy, create a menu, check sale inventory, scout locations…everything necessary to run a successful business – even if it’s just for a daytime.

Past events have seen young entrepreneurs clearing hundreds of dollars each at booths across the region. Customers are happy to patronize and young business owners are happy to oblige. After the event, all the young business tycoons come together to celebrate with an awards night, traditionally held at Urban Air in Beaumont.

The 2021 Lemonade Day Jefferson County Young Entrepreneur of the Year was Charlotte Chick, who ran the successful Lemon Squeezy business. Charlotte wanted to participate in Lemonade Day because she wanted to buy a Barbie Dream House and her mother said she would have to earn some money on her own.

“She had seven different simple syrups for her customers to choose their own flavor,” the award announcement reads. “With the help of her father, she made lemon pancakes for the morning and mozzarella, arugula and lemon pizza for the afternoon. In addition to food and drink, she also sold handmade soaps and earrings. His mother showed him how to make a flyer and they distributed it to his neighbors and the daycare. She also made videos to post on social media to help promote her booth.

Charlotte is also already on board for Lemonade Day 2022, serving a new cup of lemonade to attendees of the kick-off celebration on March 8. She plans to serve a few more cups of the good stuff on May 1, along with hundreds more from Southeast Texas. youth. For a map showing where to find the stands on Lemonade Day, visit www.lemonadeday.org/jefferson-county.


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